The taste buds want what the taste buds want, but it’s possible to find foods that are both smart and satisfying. Check out these appetizing alternatives to some possible trigger foods you should avoid.

Try These:

A tasty container of yogurt.

Almond milk, yogurt, brie,
or camembert 

A kiwi.

Bananas, berries, citrus fruits,
or kiwi 

A bottle of molasses or maple syrup.

Treats made with molasses
or maple syrup 

A bag of popcorn.

Baked chips, rice cakes,
or popcorn

A bowl of brown rice or quinoa.

Whole-grain bread, oats,
brown rice, or quinoa

When Craving These:

A carton of milk.

Milk, cream cheese,
or sour cream 

An apple.

Apples, pears, watermelon,
or dried fruit 

A jar of honey.

Treats made with honey or artificial
sweeteners that end in “-ol” 

A bag of potato chips.

Potato chips
or fried foods

A loaf of sliced bread.

Pasta, cracker, white rice,
or white wheat, and rye bread

Some Common Gut-Friendly Diets 

Your meal plan should be about finding what works best for your needs, lifestyle—and taste. Always seek your doctor’s advice to determine which diet is best for you. Along with a treatment plan, there are a few IBS-C and CIC-friendly diets you might want to consider: 

Text reading: Low FODMAP Diet.

High FODMAP foods are difficult for your body to digest and often lead to flare-ups. 

Text reading: Gluten-Free Diet.

Cut barley, rye, and wheat and look for a “Certified Gluten-Free” label.

Text reading: High Fiber Diet.

Fiber helps move things along. It’s best to eat 25–31 grams each day. (Most of us eat only 16!)

Text reading: Low Fat Diet.

High fat foods are usually low in fiber. Swap fatty foods for lean meats, fruits, and veggies. 


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